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Push Pin Mural

We recently finished up our second mural that the coworking space, CommonGrounds aka Vibe Hub. It's an awesome space located in Carlsbad that just opened up! They commissioned us to do the "Make it happen" mural and this push pin mural. All of the walls were previously blank, so it was our duty to bring some life to the space.

To be honest, the push pin mural was a fairly aggressive task. We had no idea how many push pins we were going to need so it was an ongoing guess in our Amazon shopping cart. We ended up using over 7,000 and it was completed after four days. Special thanks to Roxy's mom and sisters, as well as Annie Gonzalez for their help! It went up way faster having more than just two thumbs going at it! Much love to you ladies for sacrificing your thumbs for us!



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